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Life Pen

Its technology is based on a spiral structure composed of energetic materials charged by biophysical processes. This structure enables Life Pen to collect energy and generate magnetic fields by capturing them directly from the external environment without the need for electricity..

According to the principle of magnetotherapy, damaged cells undergo an alteration of their membrane potential, which is very important for their balance and functioning. Under normal conditions, the cell membrane is positively charged on the outside and negatively charged on the inside. Most physical problems arise from an imbalance in the cell's magnetic charges, resulting in an imbalance in Ph and tissue frequencies.

If the imbalance is due to an excess of positive charges (in most cases this is the case), the instrument will simply channel the necessary quantity and 'quality' of magnetic charges from the environment to balance the excess in the cells and thus 'dissolve' the problem. If the imbalance is due to an excess of negative charges, exactly the opposite will happen. The result will be the restoration of the cell's magnetic charge to its normal condition, with a consequent restoration of membrane potential and cell frequency.
Model: LP-2021
Life Pen is a magnetic field generator that acts on energy imbalances that cause physical problems such as sciatica, muscle and joint pain. The operating principle of the Life Pen is very similar to that of acupuncture, with the notable difference that it can be used directly without the use of need..
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