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Biomagnetic Technology

The technology on which all SoftMAG products are based is that of magnetic fields.
The device contains a 'biomagnetic core' produced by subjecting a conductive material to a biophysical process that makes it magnetically and energetically charged and able to absorb magnetic fields from the external environment and convey them directly into the body's tissues in the form of nano-molecules in the form of PLASMA, THE FOURTH STATE OF MATTER.
Most physical problems arise from an imbalance of cellular magnetic charges resulting in an imbalance of Ph and tissue frequencies. If the imbalance is due to an excess of positive charges (in most cases this is the case), SoftMAG devices will simply channel the necessary quantity and 'quality' of magnetic charges from the environment to balance the excess in the cells and thus 'dissolve' the problem. If the imbalance is due to an excess of negative charges, exactly the opposite will happen. The result will be the restoration of the cell's magnetic charge to its normal condition, with a consequent restoration of the membrane potential and cell frequency.
The cellular rebalancing of the body's magnetic field can have beneficial effects on the body by stimulating healing.
Model: SMCS-0119
SOFTMAG Cervical Shield is a soft neck pad that acts on the energetic imbalances of the cervical muscles, vessels and organs in the C1-C7/D1-D2 tract. The device is able to restore the natural balance of the magneto-gravitational fields of the entire neck area.INDICATIONSSoftMAG Cervical Shield..
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Model: SMES-0119
Bioenergetic pain reliever device for the relief and well-being of the elbow.INDICATIONSEpicondylitis;Epithrocleitis;Elbow Dislocation Outcomes;Olecranial bursitis;Effusions and / or joint swelling from arthritis or arthrosis or rheumatic diseases;CONTENTS OF THE PACKAGE1 x Bioenergetic elbow s..
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Model: SMKS-0119
SOFTMAG Knee Shield is a knee support with a patellar hole that acts on energy imbalances of the knee. The device is able to restore the natural balance of the magnetic-gravitational fields of the entire knee joint.INDICAZIONISoftMAG Knee Shield può essere utilizzato in tutti i casi i..
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Model: SMLBS-0119
SOFTMAG Lowback Shield is a lumbar band that acts on energy imbalances in the (L1 - L5) tract. The device is capable of restoring the natural balance of magneto-gravitational fields in the lumbar region of the back.INDICATIONSSoftMAG Lowback Shield can be used in all cases where pain, infl..
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Model: SAL-02B
LINSEED - 'FLAXSEED-EYE' - EYE MASK NATURAL-COLOURED.It is an eye mask made of cotton and filled with linseed. Use the mask for 10 minutes during relaxing moments as a decongestant for tired and reddened eyes. To intensify the effect, we recommend placing the mask in the refrigerator before use. We ..
Ex Tax:13.00€
Model: SMRM-0119
SOFTMAG Pain and Relax Mask is a relaxing and analgesic mask, which acts on energy imbalances in the head area by counteracting migraines and improving circulation around the eyes.INDICATIONSSOFTMAG Pain and Relax Mask is used in all cases where insomnia, nervousness, stress, headaches, te..
Ex Tax:98.00€
Model: NSMPC-2022
SOFTMAG Posture Corrector is a Posture Corrector that acts on the energetic imbalances of the thoracic tract (T1 to T12) and the lumbar tract (L1-L2-L3), also involving the right and left lumbar fasciae. INDICAZIONIIl SoftMAG Posture Corrector ADVANCED PLUS, oltre a dare un’azione mec..
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Model: SMRFM-0119
SOFTMAG FOOT MAT is a mat that restores the natural balance of the sole of the foot. The magnetic fields generated by the SOFTMAG FOOT MAT rebalance the plantar reflexology points.I campi magnetici generati dal SoftMAG Foot Mat riequilibrano i punti di riflessologia plantare. Questo e..
Ex Tax:130.00€
Model: SMSS-0119
SOFTMAG Sciatic Shield is a cushion that acts on the energetic imbalances of the last two lumbar spinal nerves (L4 and L5) and the first three sacral spinal nerves (S1, S2 and S3).INDICAZIONISoftMAG Sciatic Shield può essere utilizzato in tutti i casi in cui sia presente il dolore, in..
Ex Tax:190.00€
Model: SMSRS-0119
SOFTMAG Shoulder Shield is a shoulder support which restores the natural balance of the magneto-gravitational fields of the entire shoulder joint including rotator cuff, muscles and tendons.INDICATIONSIt can be used in all cases where pain, inflammation, functional and vascular deficits are pre..
Ex Tax:90.00€
Model: SMRS-2022
The biomagnetic SoftMAG Reflex Soul foot reflexology insoles are equipped with "magnetic field" technology. Each insole has integrated magnets with a power of up to 970 gauss. The foot massage that you get when wearing them, accompanied by the magnetic field, acts on thousands of nerve endings ..
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Model: SMTS-0119
Bioenergetic pain-relieving device for thigh relief and well-being.INDICAZIONITrattamento delle contratture muscolari della coscia;Coadiuvante nel trattamento degli stiramenti muscolari;Esiti di strappi muscolari nella ripresa sportiva.CONTENUTO DELLA CONFEZIONE1 x Supporto bioenergetico per co..
Ex Tax:70.00€
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