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Pain and Relax Eye Mask

Pain and Relax Eye Mask
Pain and Relax Eye Mask
Pain and Relax Eye Mask
Pain and Relax Eye Mask
Pain and Relax Eye Mask
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SOFTMAG Pain and Relax Mask is a relaxing and analgesic mask, which acts thanks to its technology on energy imbalances affecting the head area by counteracting migraines and improving circulation in the eye area.


SOFTMAG Pain and Relax Mask is used in all cases where it is present:

  • Insomnia, nervousness, stress, headaches, tension, colds, sinusitis and rhinitis.
  • Primary headaches: cervical headache, cluster headache, migraine;
  • Stress-related temple pain;
  • Sinus pain; Puffy eyes; Relieves tension; Ideal for meditation; Improves sleep;

We recommend accompanying the SOFTMAG Pain and Relax Mask, Qi Oil MHz+ Eucalyptus or Lavander


Can be used warm or cold:

  • Used WARM it acts by decongesting the face area, giving a very pleasant relaxing effect. Place the mask on a hot radiator for about 10 minutes. Before applying the mask, check that it is not too hot by testing it on your wrist. Apply it on the eyes for 10 minutes and relax and massage the forehead with Qi Oil MHz+ Eucalyptus or Lavender..
  • Used COLD, it acts on the circulation in the eye area, relieving dark circles and puffiness, and providing relief from headaches. Place the mask in the freezer for max. 30 min.

Place SOFTMAG Pain and Relax Mask over your eyes, relax and enjoy the relief.


  • 1 x Bioenergetic mask;
  • 1 x instructions for use;

Dimensions: 25cm x 13cm x 0.5cm
Weight: 140gr.
Adjustable with elastic


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